A View from West Ramallah, 2020

91,750.00 AED

100 x 100 cm (h x w)
Acrylic on canvas

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The land, is a source of inspiration for Nabil Anani, who normally focuses on exploring the Palestinian landscape and life in Palestinian villages. This time, his project “Troubled Land” explores a beautiful utopian nature in the Palestinian landscape in contrary to the reality that is full of military interruptions of the scenery. From behind fences, checkpoints, bypass roads, settlements, the separation wall and the closed military zones, its has become extremely difficult for Palestinians to access their landscape for cultivation let alone for the enjoyment of natural scenery. Yet, Anani chooses to ignore all such issues, and focus on different cheer elements of beauty such as the colorful trees that appear like ornaments in an embroidered traditional dress of nature. Yet, the shadows of vanishing faces and houses that appear sometime in the background remain a reminder of a lost connection between the Palestinians and their scenic landscape that has been disappearing gradually as a result of occupation.


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